Ukraine Missions

Alexander (Sasha) and Svetlana

I want to thank you and all my friends for supporting our ministry in the occupied part of Ukraine. Let me also tell about the main events of our life.

The situation in the external world. The war is still going on. Every day, at the delineated territory, terrorists are firing at the positions of Ukrainian soldiers. It’s good that they are not shooting as much as it used to be, but every shot is a destruction, and it surely involves someone’s death or someone being wounded. A new group of Russians has come to the checkpoints of the occupied part of Ukraine, in order to replace local militias.

Our Christian life- We praise God for filling our hearts with His peace. We believe that He controls everything and can turn evil into good. Ps. 23:4 “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me…” New people come to our Church because they are looking for bread. We preach the Gospel and keep doing our ministry Help them survive. People can get bread in the church and something more than just the bread. Dozens of people are looking for material and spiritual help. Through this ministry or our church, many people have a chance to listen to the Word of God. Almost every Sunday, a new visitor comes forward to repent in sins and receive Jesus Christ in his/her heart.